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Rehab Case Manager (Part-time)


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Position includes working at both Neuroscience Institute & Willow Lakes Health Center locations.

HOURS:  Part-time (40 hours/2 weeks).  Primarily 8 hour shifts.  Hours fall between 7:30am-7:00pm (Mon-Thurs) and 7:30am - 5:00pm (Fri)

POSITION SUMMARY: Provide supportive Neurological Day Rehabilitation Program (N.D.R.P.) and outpatient rehabilitation case management that fosters effective, efficient and timely therapy services.  Functions as the communication link for the coordination of care among the multidisciplinary rehab team, patients, families and payers in order to facilitate continuity of care.  Provide ongoing assessment of individual treatment plans to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved.  Patient/customer care includes nursing care for patient in the Neurological Day Rehab Program and case management services to outpatients/customers in the following age groups: pediatric (30 days through 12 years), adolescent (13 through 18 years), adult (19 through 64 years), and geriatric (65 years and above).

FUNCTIONS: Qualified individuals must have the ability (with or without reasonable accommodation) to perform the following duties:

  • Provides Nursing Services to patients in the N.D.R.P. requiring medical interventions such as vital signs, glucose and self-medication monitoring; assists in implementation of bowel and bladder program when applicable.

  • Assists in the coordination of medical services for patients in the N.D.R.P. such as lab and diagnostic appointments and physician follow-up appointments.

  • Assist in the development of a system to collect and aggregate pertinent data to measure patient outcomes with corrective action planning.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of progress toward patient outcomes by determining the influences of the prescribed treatment plan, the practices of the team members, the hospital systems, environment, and the cooperation of the patient and family.

  • Provide clinical consultation and education for members of the multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary team related to expected patient outcomes and resource availability.

  • Collaborate with both the inpatient, N.D.R.P. and outpatient rehab teams in achieving patient care outcomes that promote the rehab continuum of care.  Act as the primary contact for coordination of N.D.R.P. and outpatient rehabilitation services.

  • Design, implement, and evaluate systems and processes to support managed care and case management activities that address the special needs of a designated patient population.

  • Communicate with insurance case managers and insurance representatives to provide them with information regarding patient outcomes, program development, and system changes through verbal and written communication.

  • Provide education to a variety of audiences, including insurance/managed care companies, physicians, internal/external referral sources, patients and families by providing formal and informal presentations, direct contact, and written communication.

  • Participate in staff development activities and peer review activities to identify practice opportunities to enhance patient outcomes.

  • Attend weekly multidiscipline team and family conferences and performs follow-up case management activities as necessary. 

  • Assist office and therapy staff in obtaining insurance authorizations for continued therapy services, necessary equipment, orthotics, prosthetics and other supplies through written and verbal communication with insurance representatives and managed care companies.

  • Provide supportive case management services to facilitate obtaining consults for patients such as dietary, infectious disease, vocational, enterostomal, services, lab studies, VNA services, venous stasis studies, and other community-based services as requested by the treating therapist, and/or the patient’s physician.


  • Current RN license, issued by the PA Board of Nursing required
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) or a related health care degree or equivalent combination of education and experience required.  BSN preferred.
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of rehab case management experience.
  • Certification as a Registered Rehabilitation Nurse preferred
  • Certification in Case Management preferred.
  • Clinical Rehab Nurse experience.
  • Experience and knowledge of managed care and insurance as they relate to rehabilitation services.
  • Prior outpatient case management experience preferred.

CAMPUS Part Time Posted on 02/18/2020