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Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner - Downtown Family Medicine/Family Maternity Medicine


Lancaster General Hospital

Cost Center

7030 Downtown Family Medicine

Supervisory Organization

Downtown Pavilion-Family & Community Medicine- Providers




Position includes hours at Downtown Family Medicine and Family Maternity Medicine.

HOURS:  Fulltime.  Dayshift with possibly 1-2 evenings/week. 

POSITION SUMMARY: To provide any medical service when the service is within the PA or CRNP skills, training and experience and with the collaboration of a physician. The medical services must fall within the PA’s or CRNP's scope of practice, must be included in the written agreement, and must be provided with an appropriate amount of physician collaboration in keeping with the accepted standards of medical practice.  Patient care includes care to patients in the following age groups: pediatric (infant to 12 years), adolescent (13 to 17 years), adult (18 to 64 years), and geriatric (over 64 years).   We are an academic program with plenty of ongoing teaching opportunities. 

FUNCTIONS: Qualified individuals must have the ability (with or without reasonable accommodation) to perform the following duties:

  • Provide high-quality, comprehensive medical care to individuals and families. The PA and CRNP shall know his/her scope of practice permitted by state licensure, granted by LGMG credentialing process and consistent with professional organization guidelines.
  • Responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of acute, chronic, and long-term healthcare issues within the limits of training and with appropriate review of the preceptor.
  • Educate patients and/or families about preventive care, medical issues, and use of prescribed medical treatments and/or medications.
  • Augment the physician’s data-gathering abilities and assist the collaborating physician in reaching decisions and instituting care plans for the physician’s patients. This includes such activities as ordering and interpreting laboratory or radiological studies, analyzing all patient data and developing a treatment plan for the patient. 
  • Initiate treatment or be sure that a treatment plan is being carried out, assess the progress of treatment, and, later, the plan as necessary. 
  • Perform approved clinical procedures based upon patient’s clinical status
  • Order, prescribe, dispense and administer drugs, medical devices, diagnostic or therapeutic medical regimens as outlined by the PA Board of Medicine.
  • Maintain legible, accurate, and confidential medical records. Document all medical evaluations, diagnoses, procedures, treatment, outcomes, education, referrals, and consultations consistent with organizational standards.
  • Perform administrative duties as defined by practice location, policies and procedures.
  • Computer skills-utilization of EPIC/EPICARE, email, intranet, etc.


If Physician Assistant:

  • Current Licensure as a Physician Assistant by PA Board of Medicine
  • Valid, unrestricted federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number
  • Credentialed by, and a member in good standing of, the LGH Medical and Dental Staff with appropriate unrestricted clinical privileges.
  • Satisfaction of relevant continuing education requirements.
  • Participation as a provider in good standing in the Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare programs and such other third-party payment programs, including managed care programs, in which LGMG participates.
  • Prior experience as Physician Assistant in a primary care office is preferred.

If Nurse Practitioner:

  • Valid Pennsylvania Registered Nurse licensure
  • Certification by ANCC or other qualifying agency in area of specialty required.
  • Valid Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner license and Certificate of Prescriptive Authority in Pennsylvania
  • Related clinical training.
  • Prior experience as Nurse Practitioner in a primary care office is preferred.

MA-MISC Full Time Posted on 07/24/2019