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Patient Accounts Representative-Burle Building (40hrs/week, 1st shift)


Horizon Healthcare

Cost Center

3310 Horizon Health Services Operations

Supervisory Organization

Patient Account Services





To provide the essential communication link between the patient/caregiver and the Pharmacy.  In addition, assist with patient referral intake, delivery/pick-up scheduling, patient supply orders, and general support for all areas of Horizon Healthcare Services.
Employee will work every 6th Saturday and have off the Thursday prior to that Saturday.  Employee will be on-call the following Sunday from 10 - 6.

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS - JOB DUTIES: The percentage of time spent performing primary functions is 95%. Qualified individuals must have the ability--with or without reasonable accommodation--to perform the following duties:

Patient/Supply Management

Maintains an accurate patient supply chart for all active patients which includes copies of all orders and documentation of phone assessments when indicated.

Demonstrates competence in filing and maintenance of the patient chart for all active and inactive patients.  Completes in a timely manner.

Demonstrates competence in selecting the appropriate supplies and teaching information for each patient based on the patient's therapy and individual needs.

Acts as a resource person or mentor for all patient supply needs according to patient access and medication therapy.

Accurately pulls and prepares the appropriate supply template for new referrals in a timely manner to ensure patient flow.


Demonstrates professional telephone & interpersonal skills with internal and external customers which build healthy relationships and encourage teamwork.

Receives all telephone calls from the receptionist and determines the patient or caller's needs, showing an eagerness to please the customer and provide excellent service.

Identifies patient concerns and employs individualized strategies for problem control.

In a timely manner, calls all appropriate patients for their supply orders acquiring accurate information from the patient/significant other/nurse.

Effectively communicates accurate, pertinent patient information to the appropriate individuals to ensure quality outcomes.

Computer System Management

Demonstrates competence in accurate and complete Rx/Supply/DME order entry in the computer system.

Accurately closes, opens, and interrupts patient therapies in the computer system upon receipt of changes in therapy or admission to an acute care facility.

Enters all changes in patient referral information into the computer system immediately and communicates to the delivery and Pharmacy staff when appropriate.

Coordination of Information

Demonstrates competence in performing an accurate telephone assessment for all patients, documenting all calls on the appropriate form.

Changes in assessment or patient status are communicated to the Pharmacist, Dietician, or Physician as indicated, and a progress note is written, distributed, and filed in the clinical chart.

Coordinates patient care with multidisciplinary teams and evaluates the effectiveness of care on an ongoing basis.

Accurately evaluates all patient supply orders for appropriateness based on individual patient needs and coordinates extraordinary needs with the insurance carrier or billing specialist.

SECONDARY FUNCTIONS - JOB DUTIES: The following duties are considered secondary to the primary duties listed above:

Monitoring & Ensuring Continuous Quality Improvement

Participates in Performance Improvement activities by assisting with monitoring and data retrieval.

Identifies and assists in developing quality indicators and data retrieval tools.

Identifies education and process issues that require teaching, revisions or modifications.

Recommends improvements in processes based on Performance Improvement monitoring activities

Perform all other reasonably-related duties of an equal or lower nature as may be directed in the sole discretion of management.




  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Minimum two (2) years medical office, data entry and computer experience. 

GENERAL EDUCATION ‑ LANGUAGE ABILITY: The following level of ability is necessary to deliver, understand, and apply language:

  • Ability to read a variety of books, magazines, instructions, atlases and encyclopedias.  Ability to prepare and/or edit memoranda, reports and essays using proper format, punctuation, spelling and grammar.  Ability to communicate distinctly with correct pronunciation and using all tenses.

GENERAL EDUCATION ‑ MATHEMATICS ABILITY: The following level of ability is necessary to understand mathematical concepts and apply them to problem‑solving situations. 

  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide all units of measure; to perform the four operations with like or common decimal fractions; to compute ratio, rate, and percent; and to perform arithmetic operations involving all American monetary units.

EQUIPMENT USAGE REQUIREMENTS: MACHINES, EQUIPMENT, TOOLS, SOFTWARE: To perform the essential duties of the position, use of the following machines, equipment, tools, and software is customarily required:

Machinery/Equipment:  Network computer system and personal computer proficiency; office copier, multi-line telephone system, FAX machine, miscellaneous office equipment.

Software:   LG/LGS Information System; Microsoft products.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:   Degree of physical exertion is light.

BODY POSITION AND MOVEMENT: The following positions or movements are typical of the job:

1.      SITTING is done continuously.

2.      WALKING is done occasionally.

3.      STANDING is done occasionally.

4.      CLIMBING is done seldom.

5.      REACHING (Extending out and retrieving objects outside immediate range) is done occasionally.

6.      PUSHING  (To press against something with substantial steady force in order to thrust forward, downward, or outward) is done seldom.

7.      PULLING (To exert a considerable force in order to draw, drag, haul or tug objects in a sustained motion) is done seldom.

8.      LIFTING (To raise objects from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from position to position) is done seldom.

9.      END‑RANGE MOTION (To fully extend or retract a bodily part or joint to its maximum range in order to reach, push, pull, lift, or otherwise perform job functions) is done seldom.

10.    STOOPING/CRAWLING (To lower the body to floor level, and move about with agility) is done seldom.

VISUAL REQUIREMENTS:  (Considerations include color, depth perception and field of vision).

  • The job requires a good sense of vision (with or without correction) necessary to distinguish like objects from one another, to scan fields of data and select numbers or characters, and/or to detect and visually follow moving objects.

AUDITORY (HEARING) REQUIREMENTS: Examples of the types of sounds that must be heard and the reason they must be heard are listed below:

SOUND                                                    PURPOSE

      Telephone ringing                           To answer incoming calls    

      Voices                                               To converse/communicate


ATTENTION/CONCENTRATION ‑ The following level of ability is essential for the jobholder to focus on certain aspects of current experience and reject others: 

The position requires strong concentration skills.  The individual must have the ability to voluntarily sustain concentration to a task over an extended period of time as a result of an effortful and usually deliberate heightened and focused state of attention.

NEW LEARNING AND MEMORY ‑ The following level of ability is essential for the jobholder to learn and retain material:

  • The position requires that an individual be able to learn new tasks quickly and effectively.  Job requirements change frequently.  The ability to understand and carry out detailed, involved instructions is mandatory.

PROBLEM SOLVING, REASONING AND CREATIVE THINKING ‑ The following level of ability that is essential for the jobholder to think (in order to solve a problem) by combining two or more elements from past experience or imaginative thought:

  • The position deals with issues or problems that often require thoughtful reasoning before arriving at approaches or solutions.  Some independent thought, planning or origination of options and solutions is necessary.  The individual must have the ability to apply principles of reasoning and problem solving to resolve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.

TEMPERAMENTS:  The following are essential requirements of the position in relation to job‑worker situations.  These items describe how a worker must adapt, adjust, conform or act:

Planning and control:  Ability to identify task requirements for self and to monitor progress toward accomplishment.

Creativity, feelings or ideas: Ability to adapt to situations involving the interpretation of feelings, ideas, or facts in terms of personal viewpoint; to use creativity, self‑expression, or imagination.

Influencing Others:  Ability to influence people in their opinions, attitudes or judgments about ideas or things; to motivate, convince or negotiate.

Variety and change: Ability to perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure involving significant differences in technologies, techniques, procedures, environmental factors, physical demands, or work situations.

Performing under stressful conditions: Ability to perform under stress when confronted with emergency, critical, unusual, or dangerous situations, or in situations in which working speed and sustained attention are critical aspects of the job; to be subject to danger or risk, or to tension as a regular, consistent part of the job.

Communication:  Ability to exchange information with others clearly and concisely; to present ideas, facts and technical information.

Interpersonal relations: Ability to maintain relationships that facilitate task accomplishment; to cooperate and resolve conflicts; to recognize needs and be sensitive of others.

Working within tolerances, set limits or standards: Ability to adapt to situations requiring the precise attainment of set limits, tolerances, or standards; to be precise, thorough, exacting, or meticulous in regard to material worked; or in activities such as numerical determinations, record preparation, or inspecting.

Repetitive work: Ability to continuously perform the same type of work for extended periods of time, according to set procedures, sequence or pace.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY: Position does not require supervisory responsibility.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Exposure to hazardous elements or conditions is negligible.


This job description is not intended and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job; it is intended to be a reflection of those principal job elements essential for recruitment and selection, for making fair job evaluations, and for establishing performance standards.   The percentages of time spent performing job duties are estimates and should not be considered absolute.  Incumbent must be able to perform all job functions safely.  The employer reserves the right to amend, modify and/or delete this position from the table of organization in its sole discretion.  This is to be considered a position-at-will.

BURLE Full Time Posted on 11/15/2019