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  • Job Title: Medication History Specialist

    This position is located  in Lancaster, PA.

    Full-time, 0.9, 72 hours per two weeks working hours between 3:00 pm and 3:30 am 8,10 and 12 hour shifts with every other weekend and holiday. Work at Lancaster General Hospital.

    ATTENTION: Please be aware that, if you are an external applicant, you may need to complete an online assessment as part of the hiring process. This assessment will be sent to the e-mail address that you included in your application. Please note: Some e-mail accounts may receive the assessment e-mail in their junk/spam e-mail. This assessment must be completed within 5 days of receiving it. For more information regarding the assessment, please click HERE.

    SUMMARY:  Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine is currently seeking a Medication History Specialist at Lancaster General Hospital. The Medication History Specialist  is responsible for accurately collecting and entering patient medication histories into the hospital’s information system for utilization by health care professionals during the hospital encounter. 


    Collects a list of the patient’s current home medications in anticipation of hospital admission.

    Responsible for gathering information from various resources (physician offices, community pharmacy, historical encounter, extended care facility, another acute care facility) to ensure a complete and accurate entry into the hospital’s computer system.

    Effectively communicates with other health care professionals to maintain appropriate patient flow and identify patient specific needs (language barriers, educational, financial, etc).

    Accurately enters the home medication list into the hospital’s information system for utilization by the Provider responsible for admitting the patient.

    Completes the computer entry of the home medication list in a timely manner so it can be used as the foundation for the patient’s admission medication orders.

    Based on professional licensure, may administer defined medications/vaccinations.



    • High school diploma or successful completion of General Educational Development (GED) exam is required
    • General computer skills
    • Must obtain 80% or higher on department administered exam on key elements of the medication history process (
    • Considerable knowledge of medication names (both trade and generic), their uses, doses and routes of administration
    • Must be able to identify medications based on markings
    • Excellent patient interview skills
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills with patient and other health care professional
  • Preferred:
  • National pharmacy technician or other health care licensure (LPN)
  • Two years of hospital care experience

LGH Full Time Posted on 01/02/2020