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Medical Technologist-Micro-Immunology

This position is located in Lancaster, PA

Temporary position during flu season at least 16 weeks, Full-time, 1.0, 80 hours per two weeks working nights 11:00 pm to 7:30 am with every weekend.

POSITION SUMMARY: Performs routine and special diagnostic test procedures, as well as supporting Quality Control and documentation, function verification, instrument maintenance, associated specimen collection, and clerical work as required. 

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Qualified individuals must have the ability (with or without reasonable accommodation) to perform the following duties:

Performs and documents Quality Control.  Verifies functioning of instruments.

  • Performs initial evaluation and handling of incoming specimens: separation, centrifugation and preservation procedures; sorts and organizes specimen batches.

  • Organizes, labels and numbers specimen, worksheets, and appropriate test materials in test set-up.  Measures and dispenses specimens and reagents in test system.

  • Monitors manual functions of test system and instruments to assure accuracy and precision; performs and runs standards, patient samples, programmed controls through automated or manual protocols.

  • Records and evaluates programmed quality control results according to established control limits; follows corrective action procedures for out-of-control situations.

  • Enters test results and related data into laboratory computer and into logbook after controls are evaluated and found to be within limits; calls "alert values" to appropriate caregivers.  Accurately reports test results, understanding the inter-relationships between patient condition, medication and timing of specimen collection.

  • Performs routine scheduled maintenance, cleaning and decontamination of instruments, equipment, and work areas not cleaned by Environmental Services personnel.

  • Exhibits appropriate professionalism and work ethic in accordance with Core Values.



  •  Completion of a medical lab science program or Bachelor of Science required.

  • MT or MLT issued by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists or equivalent agency.

  • One (1) year of clinical internship or Laboratory experience.
  • This position required a professional certification

LGH Full Time Posted on 09/06/2019