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Job Description

This position is located in Lancaster, PA.

Full-time, 1.0 FTE working varied hours between 4:00am and 4:30pm; occasional weekend; no holiday. For experienced Histologic Technician only

ATTENTION: Please be aware that, if you are an external applicant, you may need to complete an online assessment as part of the hiring process. This assessment will be sent to the e-mail address that you included in your application. Please note: Some e-mail accounts may receive the assessment e-mail in their junk/spam e-mail. This assessment must be completed within 5 days of receiving it. For more information regarding the assessment, please click HERE.

SUMMARY:  Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine is currently seeking a Histologic Technician. The Histologic Technician will Embed, cut, mount stain, coverslip and label tissue and other material for diagnostic examination by the Pathologist   . 


  • Embed and trim surgical blocks.
  • Cut and Mount single or multiple tissue sections
  • Stain Routine H & E sections and coverslips slides, label slides, process recuts and additional sections.
  • Perform special stains including immune peroxidase
  • Perform routine daily maintenance and quality control of instrumentation.  Recognize and troubleshoot common or recurring problems.


  • A High School diploma or equivalent.
  •  Must obtain certification as a Histologic Technician (ASCP) within six months of hiring date.  Extension may be requested, due to mitigating circumstances, and must be reviewed and approved by the department Director.
  • Prefer candidate to have completed a Histologic Tech degree
  • Six (6) to nine (9) months of hospital histology experience within the last three (3) years preferred.(routine staining required, must be able to cut large volumes of slides in allotted time.

This position requires a Professional License/Certification.

LGH Full Time Posted on 11/26/2019