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Lancaster General Hospital

Cost Center

2518 IS Revenue Cycle

Supervisory Organization

Ambulatory and Revenue Cycle




This position in located in Lancaster, Pa

HOURS: Full Time; Day Shift

POSITION SUMMARY: The Functional Architect provides expert leadership and consultation guidance in the design, installation, modification, support, and testing for the implementation and maintenance of the Epic application software and associated technology platforms.  The position will provide consultation and mentoring to all levels based on advanced understanding of clinical and revenue cycle integrated workflows and data analysis across the continuum of care to demonstrate the value to the to the organization by defining optimal and scalable architecture.  

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Qualified individuals must have the ability (with or without reasonable accommodation) to perform the following duties:

  • Utilizes prior experience to recommend solutions and strategies that optimize the Epic application to ensure transformation in improved clinical/revenue cycle processes and patient safety initiatives.  Understands overall application architecture and ensures that recommended changes to the Epic applications are thoroughly analyzed for impact on integrated Epic applications and enterprise wide Epic system or other systems.  Utilizes appropriate governance processes for discussion and approval of changes, which may affect other modules or systems.
  • Provides superior project leadership through advanced knowledge of the Epic system architecture, table structures and dependencies and functional workflows supported by the software.
  • Interacts with departmental/operational leadership and with users to ensure system is operating and performing according to specifications.  Collaborates with application analysts, IS staff, and the vendor to provide technical and clinical support.
  • Provides expert problem solving, troubleshooting, and code debugging of complex issues at the technical and applications levels.
  • Analyzes and assesses clinical/revenue cycle workflows and processes and provides recommendations for improved design methods.
  • Demonstrates agility in moving between high level architectural review and design during all project phases.  
  • Provides design, build and testing skills combined with advanced project leadership experience.  Participates in sessions with operational SME’s in validating clinical/revenue cycle workflows to ensure standardization and consensus building leading to enhanced end-user adoption.
  • Stays current and knowledgeable regarding advances and trends in technology.  Demonstrates leadership and oversight in implementing innovative technology projects and processes.   Creates, evaluates and implements innovative concepts that enhance overall efficiency, service and quality outcomes in partnership with the leadership team. 
  • Partners with the leadership team in providing input in Health Information Exchange (HIE) activities via development, implementation and support of technological solutions designed for sharing clinical information  to and from outside  physician practices,  hospitals,  and healthcare systems.
  • Assists project teams with technology (e.g. software/hardware) evaluations, department standards, goal setting and prioritization of work.  Provides consultation for interface flow/design integration and implementation strategies as appropriate.
  • Establishes and maintains a network of contacts and colleagues who are pursuing healthcare innovations through an integrated system approach.  Reports and recommends the use of applicable ideas developed through this network.  Collaborates with peers to enhance innovative approaches in system design.
  • Participates in the on-call responsibilities for this position as required.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  •  Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a computer-related field, is required.
  • Epic Certification in designated areas of specialization is required.
  • Demonstrated organizational, project management and process improvement experience and training.
  • Prior experience in implementing Epic applications in an inpatient environment.
  • Five (5) years of current, post-certification Epic experience or two (2) years plus three (3) years focused on the building/installation of another major clinical application in a similar area of focus.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including interpretive communication skills to clearly understand and share information in a manner that is clear and concise to all parties involved.
  • Ability to adapt well to rapid change and multiple priorities.
  • The position requires autonomy of thought and problem solving.  The individual must be able to apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to define problems.  The individual must be able to think abstractly, which is manifested in the ability to form concepts, use categories, generalize from single instances, apply procedural rules and general principles, and be aware of subtle or intrinsic aspects of a problem.  The development of hypothesis and potential solutions to problems involves careful interpretation, analysis and diagnosis.  The individual must be able to collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.  The individual must be able to think creatively with a degree of inventiveness, experimentation and intuition.  They must be able to deal with a variety of concrete and abstract variables.


  • Four (4) years of supporting or maintaining an application.
  • Four (4) years of providing direct end-user support.
  • Four (4) years of application testing. 

BURLE Full Time Posted on 11/07/2019