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This position is located in Lancaster, PA

HOURS: Full Time


The Director, Nursing Research & Science oversees nursing research initiatives within the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health (LGH) system.  The position sets the vision and provides leadership for advancing nursing research capacity and the translation of evidence into practice (evidence based practice-EBP), ensuring alignment with LGH, Penn Medicine, and national priorities. The position provides expertise and resources toward the generation of new knowledge. Nursing research applies rigorous scientific methods to investigate aspects of nursing practice (Polit & Beck, 2004). Research conducted by nurses systematically contributes to the generation of new knowledge or nursing science (Barrett, 2002). The Director,  Nursing Research & Science is responsible for growing a culture of nursing inquiry at LGH. A culture of inquiry is one where nurses consistently seek evidence for questions related to practice, and conduct research to empirically investigate questions for which little or no evidence exists. The Director, Nursing Research & Science establishes an annual nursing research agenda and collaborates with University of Penn School of Nursing, Center of Healthcare Innovation at LGH, and the Research Institute. The Director, Nursing Research & Science will report directly to the Chief Nurse Executive.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Qualified individuals must have the ability (with or without reasonable accommodation) to perform the following duties:

Leads efforts to integrate nursing research within Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health system.

  • Creates a vision for advancing a culture of inquiry within LGH and Penn Medicine.
  • Leads efforts to increase utilization of scientific methodologies in examining clinical and administrative outcomes through demonstrated research experience.
  • Collaborates with LGH and Penn Medicine senior leaders to identify priorities for nursing research and EBP, and cultivates key partnerships for execution of research and EBP initiatives.  Partners with LGH nursing clinical operations leaders to ensure alignment of operational and translational research agendas.
  • Collaborates with Nursing leadership and councils of Nursing Practice, Nursing Quality, and other internal and external stakeholders to create and operationalize a strategic plan for advancing nursing research and clinical inquiry within the organization.
  • Partners with nationally recognized experts in nursing research to grow a culture of inquiry across Penn Medicine.  Seeks and maintains partnerships to promote inter-professional research collaboration.
  • Secures organizational and external resources to support research and EBP initiatives efforts.
  • Serves as site Principal Investigator for LGH on multisite studies with external collaborators.
  • Maintains membership and active involvement at the Penn Medicine Center for Evidence Based Practice as a representative of LGH Nursing. Leads and guides LGH Shared Governance Research Core Council
  • Is responsible for building teams that generate new knowledge to advance LGH’s performance improvement initiatives through the application of various methodologies—research, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement—across the continuum of nursing inquiry.

Cultivates a strategic program of Research.

  • Competes for grant funding as Principal Investigator.
  • Leads and supervises research teams in the administration of study protocols.
  • Creates, manages, analyzes, and presents data from empirical research studies.
  • Coordinates, updates and disseminates research findings through peer-reviewed publications and presentations at regional, national, and/or international scientific meetings.
  • Strategically integrates independent areas of inquiry with LGH and Penn Medicine goals and initiatives.
  • Maintains adjunct appointment and involvement in a research center at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.
  • Maintains membership and active involvement in at least one national/ international scientific organization.

Engages with nurses in all roles and scopes of practice to promote a culture of inquiry.

  • Oversees all nursing research activity and allocates resources as necessary.
  • Develops innovative programs/ strategies to educate clinical staff about research.
  • Consults with and advises nurses around aspects of research (refining research questions, identifying appropriate research methods, data analysis).
  • Mentors and coaches nurses in development of research projects (refining research questions, identifying appropriate research methods, developing proposals and competing for grant funding, preparing Institutional Review Board (IRB) submissions).
  • Partners with and guides nurses in all steps of research process, from inception to completion of project (refining research questions, identifying appropriate research methods, developing proposals and competing for grant funding, preparing IRB submissions, conducting research, data management and analysis, disseminating findings).
  • Mentors and supports efforts of shared governance core councils with respect to research engagement and utilization.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Current licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse, issued by the PA State Board of Nursing.
  • Doctoral degree in Nursing (PhD, Nursing) or other applicable field. Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) required if PhD is not in Nursing.
  • 5 years experience in nursing practice, education or research.
  • Experience initiating and managing interdisciplinary teams, publishing peer-reviewed articles and grant writing.

LGH Full Time Posted on 02/24/2020