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The Chief Well- Being Officer (CWO) of Lancaster General Health Physicians (LGHP) will develop and oversee a strategy for improving clinician well- being and engagement within LGHP. In close collaboration with the President of LGHP, the LGHP Executive Council, and the Wellness Committee, the CWO will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of this strategy and regularly monitoring and refining this plan. This is a 0.2 FTE position appointed by and reporting to the President of LGHP (external candidates can be considered for clinical FTE in addition to this position if desired).


  • Serve as an Ambassador of Wellness to the broader Penn Medicine  Lancaster General Health Community and LGHP
  • Develop a strategy for well-being in conjunction with the President of LGHP, its Executive Committee, and the LGHP Wellness Committee to raise awareness and provide education about the impact of professional burnout and the benefit of building resiliency and coping skills in clinicians.
  • Communicate such strategy and organizational vision and goals as they pertain to cultivating a culture of well-being that benefits everyone, including patients.
  • Provide updates at Executive Committee, Town Hall, Board meetings, etc.
  • Perform Wellness Gemba walks to departments, LGHP practices
  • Set agenda for Gemba walks to be done personally and by Wellness team
  • Use information gained to post new ideas, update agendas/presentations
  • Assist in the continued development and implementation of the well-being strategy
  • Chair the LGHP Wellness Committee
  • Create Monthly agenda
  • Collaborate on Word on Wellness Newsletter
  • Collaborate and seek approval for monthly minutes
  • Solicit, update, and consider/facilitate implementation of new ideas
  • Report to LGHP Quality Committee, provide quarterly updates
  • Regularly assess committee membership
  • Facilitate Subcommittees (Culture of Wellness, Practice Efficiency, Personal Resilience)
  • Appoint and collaborate with subcommittee chairs
  • Review subcommittee minutes
  • Monitor the Well Being of the clinicians of LGHP thru available instruments such as the Physician Well Being Index, the KLAS survey, the PEP and Signal reports and report such findings to the President of LGHP, the Executive Council and the Wellness Committee Collaborate with the Lead Clinician Mentors to ensure that the mentoring program and the LGHP Wellness Committee share and execute on a common vision.


  • Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Physcian Assistant (PA_C), Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP), or other certification or licensure issued  by the Accreditation Council on Medical Education, PhD or PsyD in Psychology from an accredited and APA approved program in psychology
  • Clinically active within Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health System
  • Demonstrated interest in and commitment to Clinician Well Being
  • Ability to communicate effectively with administrative and clinical leadership and with colleagues, establish collaborative relationships, generate consensus from divergent viewpoints, and be able to focus the team on timelines and goals.
  • A health care provider in good standing with Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal and state health insurance programs, i.e. not excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid or any other federal or state health insurance program.
  • Leadership experience preferred

BURLE Part Time Posted on 06/20/2019