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The Department of Sciences and Humanities invites applications for Adjunct Faculty.

About the Department of Sciences and Humanities 
PA College offers a general education curriculum in sciences and humanities in four distinct areas: Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. Sciences and humanities education provides essential skills and knowledge that help students succeed in their chosen field, advance successfully in a profession, adapt to the changing workplace, be good citizens in their future communities and become lifelong learners.

Position Summary

Science faculty provide a learner-centered foundation in the elements of scientific method, theory, applicability and laboratory practice that will encourage the student to:

  • Acquire an in-depth appreciation of the scientific endeavor.
  • Evaluate the quality of scientific information and its interpretation.
  • Apply this knowledge in evidence-based practice decisions.

An Adjunct Faculty opportunity currently exists, beginning the spring 2020 semester, for the following course: 

  • PHY 150 Physics  
    This course provides an algebra-based introduction to physics, exemplifying the scientific method and leading toward an understanding of technical applications. It includes topics such as measurement, dimensional analysis, systems of units, describing motion, circular and rotational motion, scalars and vectors, laws of motion, force, work, energy, momentum, simple harmonic motion, waves, sound, temperature, heat and heat transfer. 3-credit course that includes both lecture and lab.

Position Requirements

  • Master’s degree in related field;
  • Minimum one year of classroom teaching experience

Please include a resume and cover letter that indicates your specific teaching discipline and content expertise.

COLLEGE Part Time Posted on 05/30/2019