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Lancaster General Medical Grp

Cost Center

61450 Lebanon Urgent Care

Supervisory Organization

Northwest Urgent Care APC




Facility: Lancaster General Hospital LGHLM,
Department: Lebanon Urgent Care

Pay Grade: G19

This position is located in Lancaster, PA.

ATTENTION-Please be aware that, if you are an external applicant, you may need to complete an online assessment as part of the hiring process. This assessment will be sent to the e-mail address that you included in your application. Please note: Some e-mail accounts may receive the assessment e-mail in their junk/spam e-mail. This assessment must be completed within 5 days of receiving it. For more information regarding the assessment, please click HERE.

SUMMARY: To provide any medical service when the service is within the PA skills, training and experience and with the collaboration of a physician. The medical services must fall within the PA's scope of practice, must be included in the written agreement, and must be provided with an appropriate amount of physician collaboration in keeping with the accepted standards of medical practice.  Patient care includes care to patients in the following age groups: pediatric (infant to 12 years), adolescent (13 to 17 years), adult (18 to 64 years), and geriatric (over 64 years).


•        Current Licensure as a Physician Assistant by PA Board of Medicine

•        Graduate of Accredited Physician Assistant training program

-  Nurse Practitioner License By PA Board of Medicine and accredited by Licensed NP Program


•        Minimum one year experience as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner

•        A health care provider in good standing with Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal and state health insurance programs, i.e. not excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid or any other federal or state health insurance program.


•        Prior experience as in urgent care or emergency medicine

This position requires a professional License/Certification.

This position requires PA Child Abuse and FBI Fingerprinting Clearances.

This position is located in Lebanon, PA.

LEBANON Full Time Posted on 05/06/2020