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What Patients & Families Are Saying

No one expects to end up in the ER where they end up going into full cardiac arrest. Obviously I think your ER staff is nothing short of heroic!

After I stabilized I was taken to ICU on the 2nd floor where I stayed for two days. I quickly discovered that I didn't have to go all the way up to heaven to be among the angels, all the higher I had to go was the 2nd floor.

I sincerely mean this. The amount of professional care and concern for my well-being while in ICU was incredible. A special thanks should go to my night nurse, Jillian, who not only helped to do all these things, but also professionally endured my "grumpiness" during the times when I was "losing" my inter battle with my fears.

When I was moved up to the 5th floor for the remainder of my stay at LGH, I was equally impressed with the nursing staff there. This all left me with one enduring thought – without nurses there would be no medical profession! Its hard to find the words to express the way I feel for all that was done for me while a patient at LGH.

"Thanks" just seems too small a word.
Ever Grateful!

Patient at ICU



At every stage of my experience at Lancaster General Hospital, from admission to discharge, I encountered staff who were highly competent; who were not only civil but genuinely pleasant and who unfailingly treated me as a fellow human being, not simply as some numbered piece of meat to be processed. No matter what their job description or their ranking in the medical pecking order, they did their absolute best on my behalf. I have nothing but praise for Lancaster General.

Patient at 7 West



I am writing this letter to make you aware of the excellent care I received while I was a patient on 5 West. The days spent in the hospital were very difficult for me and I was probably not a pleasant to the staff as I should have been. At times I could be demanding. It was a time of great anxiety. The staff on the floor was very caring and understanding. Everything was explained to me and everyone was always kind.

While all of you staff members were wonderful there is one young lady whom I would especially like to mention, Ms. Amy Fischer, PTCA. Amy came in to my room every morning to let me know she was there and to remind me to call her if I needed anything. Amy was also willing to listen and always had a smile on her face. At one time I too was a nurse's aide and I know how crazy things can get sometimes. Amy has a spirit I haven't seen in sometime.

One day in particular, I was quite irritable after having undergone several procedures. I was upset with everyone. I did listen to everyone and I guess Amy felt that thoughts speak louder than words. She left my room for a few minutes and presented me with a small teddy bear and a get well card. I was so touched. That simple gesture just made my whole day.

I realize that national nurses' week is not until May. However, if my humble opinion counts, I feel that Ms. Fischer should be recognized for the skill, charm and compassion she brings to the unit, not to mention her humor and great taste in teddy bears.

Thank you for letting me say my piece. LGH nurses have certainly lived up to their reputation of excellence as far as I am concerned.

Thanks again 5 West and keep up the good work. Please feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of this letter.

Patient at 5 West


I just wanted to thank all of your wonderful staff for the great treatment and concern for my mother during her recent stay there. She had to be in the ICU department after having a heart catheterization and the people there were great! They seem to have an extra measure of compassion and expertise in their field.

We especially appreciated Darlene and Heather who were her nurses at various times. Also, her social worker there, Valerie, was extremely nice to us. She provided the support we needed at this time and to coordinate her care from the hospital to her nursing home.

We are thankful also for the coordination done by LGH with Hospice and for all the services that were provided. We couldn't ask for a better place for our mother to be.

Thank you so much!

Daughter of Patient at ICU