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Employee Testimonials

When employees were asked "Why They Enjoy Working at Lancaster General Health?" here are some of their responses:

I've worked at Lancaster General Hospital for 35 years. During my career, I've been a nurse's aide, unit clerk, unit coordinator and secretary. Lancaster General Health has given me the opportunity to take advantage of various training programs that have allowed me to advance throughout the organization. My daughter has worked part-time at Lancaster General Health and just completed Nursing School. She is now working as a graduate nurse on 6 West.

Louise King
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

I am excited about the opportunity that Lancaster General Health is providing for me to further my education and pursue my goal of starting a career in nursing.

Cristina Bahling, RN
Trauma/Neurosurgical Unit

I have enjoyed meeting so many great people while working for Lancaster General Health. At Twin Rose, the doctors, practice manager and staff make this practice an especially wonderful place to work.

Stephanie Lockard
Front Office Supervisor
Twin Rose

I have worked for Lancaster General Hospital since 1983. During that time, I have gone through many personal changes. But I have been given flexibility in my schedule to enable me to fulfill my personal and educational needs..... I now live 40 miles away. There are at least six hospitals closer to my home, but I choose to work for Lancaster General Hospital because of the surgical integrity of the doctors and the OR staff. I am a circulating nurse, but I get the chance to scrub as well. I have also been given opportunities and encouragement to pursue management jobs. I enjoy what I do and I often say, "I can't believe that LGH pays me this well to have so much fun."

Kelly Fedin, RN
Surgical Services-Main OR

I transferred to Norlanco from Columbia Hospital (formally Susquehanna Division) from the Drug/Alcohol Unit in 2002. I loved my job there -- not only in my department, but also the facility. It was like a small family where you knew everyone and everyone knew you. When I came to Norlanco, I found the exact same atmosphere. Everyone here helps each other without question. I also find that if I ever need to call the hospital, campus or other sites, everyone is always so courteous and willing to go the extra mile.

Deborah Herr
Office Nurse
Norlanco Medical Associates

I was employed at another hospital for 22 years. It was very hard to leave my friends because they were my "work family." I came for a job interview because I needed a change and, more importantly, I needed job stability. I was a single mom with four children. I was a little afraid to leave my comfort zone but I knew I needed to leave. During my interview, the team and the supervisor made me feel very comfortable. My supervisor explained that had been in a situation similiar to mine and that she understood and respected my feelings. After the interview, she sent me a note and opened the door of communication. She gave me her phone number to answer questions. I really needed to feel that I was wanted for the job. Ever since I accepted the job, I have been so happy. Being a part of the Lancaster General Health Family has helped me to grow professionally and personally. My self-confidence has bloomed and I feel proud to work here. The opportunities for growth are what you make them to be. Lancaster General Health is truly committed to hiring the best.

AnnMarie Landis, L.P.N., S.T.
Staff Educator

I believe in the people I work with. We are pushed to our limits most days, but everyone continues to provide excellent care with a positive attitude. I work alongside highly motivated and dedicated individuals who genuinely care about the work they do…and that makes ALL the difference.

Lori Findley
Surgical Technologist
Surgical Services – Ortho Center

I have worked at Lancaster General Health in the Health Campus Renal Dialysis Unit for more than eight years. I have enjoyed every single minute. My job as a renal dietitian gives me the opportunity to make a difference. My patients are like family to me and the staff I work with are supportive and top-notch. I can't imagine working anywhere else. I'm proud to work for a hospital that has consistently been recognized as a Top 100 Hospital and has also been awarded Magnet status.

Barbara P. Ives, RD, CSR, LDN, Dietitian
Health Pavilion – Renal Dialysis

I like working with my fellow co-workers knowing that together we make a difference -- even if it's a small one -- in someone's life. Although some people work behind the scenes, everyone plays an important role in patient care

Mary Lenox
Surgical Technologist
Surgical Services – Ortho Center

Although I like working for LGH for many reasons, the biggest one is helping others. Everyone works hard to provide excellent patient care. This isn't done just by individuals in the operating room, but as a team. Everyone from the patient care assistants up to the team leaders sincerely care about each patient. The teams are like our second families, which makes work days pleasant. We have fun, but we get the job done. When one of us is down and out, the others are there to help out. We also have extraordinary employees whose knowledge of the doctors and their needs deserve special mention. These experienced employees are very helpful to new employees as they guide and give advice throughout orientation. There has never been a morning when I have woken up and not wanted to come to work to see what I would learn, or how I, as part of the team, could help make someone's life better.

Tammy Aucker
Surgical Technologist
Surgical Services – Main OR

I have been a surgical technologist for 16 years and I love my job. Part of the wonderful satisfaction of my job is being able to save lives from trauma, fix parts of the body that are broken or do not work properly and to give patients who have been sick or hurt a better quality of life. I work with a great group of employees and surgeons. We also have a great management team in surgical services. This job is a tremendous learning experience and it challenges you every day to learn and grow as a healthcare professional. I am dedicated to my career as a surgical technologist because I love this job so much. Helping people the way we do just makes you feel so good inside. It also gives you the sense that you are doing good things for others.

Robin Rynier
Surgical Technologist
Surgical Serices – Main OR