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Community Health Improvement 

Our Commitment to Community

Identifying Health Priorities

Alexander Henderson, III, Esq.
Lancaster General Health
Board of Trustees


Alice Yoder, RN, MSN.
Director of Community Health
Lancaster General Health

While we are fortunate to live in an area that continues to prosper and grow, there are still many unmet needs and many people who cannot easily access healthcare for a number of reasons; whether from lack of health insurance or lack of financial resources. Lancaster General Health places the highest priority on recognizing our community’s health needs and partnering with groups to reach all people — young and old, sick and well — in their workplaces, homes, schools, faith communities, multi-cultural organizations and physician offices.

“Collaborative efforts are key to improving and sustaining health initiatives,” said Alexander Henderson, III, Esq., Chairman, Lancaster General Health Board of Trustees. “For example, along with Lancaster General Health, the Drug and Alcohol Commission, Ephrata Community Hospital and Millersville University are members of the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Lancaster County. We all play a part in working toward reducing tobacco use among adults and youth.”

Comprised of Trustees and community members, the Committee assists the Board of Trustees by providing oversight to LG Health’s mission and community benefit activities. Responsibilities are to: increase the availability and access of all community members to health and wellness services provided by LG Health; establish health priorities; monitor health data and needs; and review community benefit expenditures, to name a few.

“There are huge issues that cannot be tackled alone by one organization,” emphasized Alice Yoder, RN, MSN, Lancaster General Health’s Director of Community Health. “We need community partners to understand the issues and develop effective strategies. Prior to developing action plans and setting priorities, we brainstorm and review evidence-based best practices as a team.”

The Mission and Community Benefit Committee analyzed data (such as incidence of illness, causes of death, lifestyle behaviors) from the hospital and the Pennsylvania Department of Health to identify the following health priorities that impact a high percentage of community members:

  • Increase access to healthcare

  • Reduce obesity rates

  • Reduce the use of tobacco  

In addition, efforts are focused on reducing one or more of the top 10 causes of death in Lancaster County. These are: cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lung disease, Alzheimer’s, accidents, nephritis/nephrosis, diabetes, influenza/pneumonia, and Parkinson’s.

“Identifying areas of need based on data is the first step in making a positive change,” added Alice. “Ongoing research to measure the outcomes and effectiveness of these programs is an important second step, as our findings help shape community health initiatives for the future.”

An Ongoing Commitment

Our thanks to our community partners that help us address community needs surrounding these important areas.

In addition to the focus areas outlined above, Lancaster General Health works to address all healthcare issues that affect our community with the quality, award-winning care that Lancaster County has to come to expect from us.

To learn more about Lancaster General Health's community health initiatives, contact:

Alice Yoder
Director of Community Health

To learn more about additional Community Benefit efforts, click here.